Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Where has the time gone

Hi guys

NOVEMBER 2015??!!!

I have been so busy on Instagram that I have neglected my blog.  I decided on the recommendation of a mate to start blogging again.

I sort of stopped blogging simply because there are so many great blogs out there and I felt that I wanted to be one of those.  But I gave up because to be honest I am not that great at writing, it was always my weakest point in school, I enjoy reading but don't ask me to write an essay.  Some bloggers are so witty with their writings but not me, so I have decided that I will just be myself and not put on a façade of being hip or funny, it's not me and it will show.

So where have I been?  Well my life has sort of been taken over by Scouting.  I am a beaver leader with a new scout group in my town and any of you who are also in Scouting will know how untrue this "one hour a week" line is.  But I am not complaining.  I really enjoy it. 

Sure how else would I turn up at Glendalough with my Section Leader on my day off (yesterday) and do an 8km hike....

We will be taking 14 kids up here later in the month and do the walk with them and camp overnight locally.  I am really looking forward for this.  It doesn't matter what the weather is like in Wicklow, it's always stunning.

Well another promise I made myself is to blog regularly but to keep it nice and short.

Hope you have all been keeping well!




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